About the Faculty

The Faculty of the J. Selye University is the only faculty in Slovakia where students may acquire knowledge in the rea of economy, business, and applied informatics in Hungarian language. The Faculty offers students an opportunity to study within the following programs: Business Economy and Management, Enterprise Management, Applied Informatics and Corporate Economy and Management. The Faculty’s study programs, intended for those who are interested in winning opportunities in both domestic and foreign economic and labor markets, offer theoretical knowledge as well as education oriented towards practical skills.

The aim of the Faculty of Economics of the J. Selye University is to offer a range of study programs meeting the requirements of the current times and society and providing students with opportunities to enhance their knowledge in the area of economic sciences, economy, and business, i.e. to educate future experts in the area of economics and informatics and business managers. The Faculty ensures education within teaching study programs involving mathematics and informatics through the faculty of Education.

Study Programs:

Study programs of the I. grade studies:

  1. Business economy and management
  2. Applied informatics

Study programs of the II. grade studies:

  1. Enterprise management
  2. Economics and Corporate management

Study program of the III. grade studies:

  1. Economics and Corporate management


  1. Department of Management
  2. Department of Foreign Languages and Communication
  3. Department of Mathematics and Informatics
  4. Department of Economics

The Faculty of Economics of the J. Selye University features modern seminar and lecture rooms with information and communication technologies, fulfils its mission through application of sciences, and creates study materials for individual study programs in compliance with current expectations. The Faculty is flexible and develops dynamically. The students of the Faculty participate in case studies, scientific activities, mobility programs, and in an international program of case studies. Students may complete a part of their studies in the framework of international mobility study programs.

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