Department of Foreign Languages and Communication

About the Department

Basics of Business Communication

The main objective of the course is to learn the fundamentals of business communication. The course is divided into two interdependent parts. The first part is a seminar work, the second part focuses on the improvement of personal communication skills via groupwork. At the beginning of the semester students learn how to collect information. The seminars are realized in the form of block scheduling in the beginning of the term. The rest of the semester focuses on theoretical processing of observed communication practices.

Foreign Language Teaching

The main objective of the course is to improve verbal and written communication skills of students. The curriculum focuses on solving case studies, improving negotiation skills and presentation practices. Emphasis is placed on developing professional communication skills using appropriate vocabulary. Proper writing tasks help in mastering business writing skills.  Students practice their professional communication skills in participating negotiation simulations and debates on global business issues.

Students of the study programme Corporate Economics and Management pass a written exam at the end of the sixth semester in the chosen foreign language (English, German). Students of master study programmes (Management, Economics and Corporate Management) finish their studies with a written exam at the end of the third semester.

The students of study programme Applied Informatics (Bachelor’s degree) can learn English language as a C-type elective course in summer semester of each academic year. Exam is not required from the students of this study programme.

Head of Department

Mgr. Szilárd Sánta, PhD.
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Assistant of the following departments: Department of Management, Department of Foreign Languages and Communication and Department of Economics

Mgr. Erika Csomor
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Faculty of Economics and Informatics, J. Selye University
Hradná str. 21., Komárno, Slovakia
GPS: 47°45'25.46"N 18°8'23.22"E         

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